Flo’s Fro & Curls: A Book on Growing and Nurturing Your Baby’s Hair


Washing a child’s hair is many times a dedicated process that the child might not look forward to, especially those that are African and of African descent. Flo’s Fro and Curls takes that process and makes it a fun time for the children to participate in with vibrant images and wonderful descriptions that they will be reciting with excitement in no time.

This books answers ALL your questions:

  • How do I grow my baby’s hair?
  • How do I make wash day cry-free?
  • When do I start caring from my new born baby girl’s hair?
  • What are the best practices to help my child’s hair flourish like Flo?
  • What’s Flo’s hair routine?

It also contains information and guides on how you, as a parent or guardian, can make wash day so much easier. Flo’s Fro and Curls is not just for the child or the parent alone but for both of you to learn about hair and have a great wash day every time.

Get yourself a copy and gift one to a friend.


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