What is the weaning course?

Are you beginning to feel like it’s time to stop breastfeeding your child? Changing your baby’s diet is a big deal and it’s understandable if you as a mother are apprehensive towards making these changes.

If the baby you are considering weaning is your first child, the entire weaning process can be particularly baffling and you may struggle to know what the right steps to take are. Growing with Flo offers Flo’s Weaning Course, which is a helpful and practical programme designed to help mothers wean their children off breast milk and introduce them to solid foods.

What does Flo's Weaning Course entail?

This step-by-step course provides important information and useful advice on the process of weaning a baby or toddler. Through the steps, you can access help on how to tackle common obstacles such as choking, gagging and constipation, which can affect your child when they’re moving on to solid food.

This empowering course is designed to help mothers gain control over their weaning story and aims to guide even the fussiest of babies and toddlers towards eating solid food. Mothers can monitor the progression of their weaning process and adapt accordingly each month, depending on how their little one is responding to their new diet.

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