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Growing with Flo is a blog about the life of Flo. With a little help from her mother, Flo has inspired babies all over the world to eat independently and healthily. Through webinars, social media updates and her successful book, “What Flo Eats”, Flo provides mothers and babies alike with useful tips, tricks and tools to promote healthy development in toddlers and babies. Follow in the path of Flo and encourage your baby to flourish as they grow with Flo.

What Flo Eats is a healthy baby weaning book for babies and beyond. In this book, we show you when to wean, how to introduce your baby to solids, how to make your baby eat healthy with 50 yummy nutritious recipes that are very easy to follow. We also included a 4-week baby meal planner that will show you when to feed and the right portions to start your baby with. You will enjoy feeding your baby yummy nutritious meals, giving them a healthy start to the future. This guide is for you if you are nursing a child and about to make that cross from the six-month-intensive-breastfeeding threshold to eating solids. This is for you if your child is a fussy eater. It is important to ensure that children get all the nutrients that they need from eating balanced meals. In fact, there is no better time than now because this is when they need it for all the healthy growth and development. This book is for you if you need creative healthy food ideas to transform your child’s menu. Food can be yummy, delicious and healthy at the same time. 

If the baby you are considering weaning is your first child, the entire weaning process can be particularly baffling and you may struggle to know what the right steps to take are. Growing with Flo offers Flo's Weaning Course, which is a helpful and practical programme designed to help mothers wean their children off breast milk and introduce them to solid foods.

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